Little Lashes Studios is owned and operated by Michelle Regner out of Oliver BC and services the Okanagan Valley including Keremeos, Osoyoos, Oliver, Okanagan Falls, Penticton, Summerland and Kelowna.  Michelle is a Fine Art Newborn & Baby Photographer.  Little Lashes Studios specializes in newborn and baby portraiture as well as maternity and family photography. Okanagan Photographer, Okanagan Photographers, Okanagan Baby Photographer, Okanagan Newborn Photographer, Okanagan Family Photographer, Okanagan Maternity Photographer, Osoyoos Photographer, Osoyoos Photographers, Osoyoos Baby Photographer, Osoyoos Newborn Photographer, Osoyoos Family Photographer, Osoyoos Maternity Photographer, Keremeos Photographer, Keremeos Photographers, Keremeos Baby Photographer, Keremeos Newborn Photographer, Keremeos Family Photographer, Keremeos Family Photographer, Oliver Photographer, Oliver Photographers, Oliver Baby Photographer, Oliver Newborn Photographer, Oliver Family Photographer, Oliver Maternity Photographer, Okanagan Falls Photographer, Okanagan Falls Photographers, Okanagan Falls Baby Photographer, Okanagan Falls Newborn Photographer, Okanagan Falls Family Photographer, Okanagan Falls Maternity Photographer, OK Falls Photographer, OK Falls Photographers, OK Falls Baby Photographer, OK Falls Newborn Photographer, OK Falls Family Photographer, OK Falls Maternity Photographer, Penticton Photographer, Penticton Photographers, Penticton Baby Photographer, Penticton Newborn Photographer, Penticton Maternity Photographer, Penticton Family Photographer, Summerland Photographer, Summerland Photographers, Summerland Baby Photographer, Summerland Newborn Photographer, Summerland Family Photographer, Summerland Maternity Photographer, Peachland Photographer, Peachland Photographers, Peachland Baby Photographer, Peachland Newborn Photographer, Peachland Family Photographer, Peachland Maternity Photographer, West Kelowna Photographer, West Kelowna Photographers, West Kelowna Baby Photographer, West Kelowna Newborn Photographer, West Kelowna Family Photographer, West Kelowna Maternity Photographer, Kelowna Photographer, Kelowna Photographers, Kelowna Baby Photographer, Kelowna Newborn Photographer, Kelowna Family Photographer, Kelowna Maternity Photographer